Day 29

Dear deployed boyfriend,

We are almost out of March. Hurrah – at least soon I can say you’ll be home next month.

I wish it was sooner, I am really struggling.

Please come home.



Day 20

Dear deployed boyfriend,

You’ve been gone almost 3 weeks, and will be home in 3 weeks. Seems such a short amount time doesn’t it, to most people. “Oh he’ll be home soon” they say, meaning well. And yes you will, but 3 weeks more without you is really challenging! As the previous 3 weeks have been. I think what people fail to understand is the cumulative aspect of you being away – each day is hard, and it isn’t getting easier.

It gets harder as we move away from the last time I saw you, kissed you, hugged you, slept next to you, laughed with you, held your hand, made you a cup of tea, shared a meal with you. All of the small, simple things that hold us together. Hold me together.

Without you here, I feel adrift. I feel untethered. I feel a bit lost. Noone makes me as happy as you do, no-one makes me feel as safe as you do, no-one loves me like you do. And days and days without that breaks my heart a little.

Because I see what we could be, and what we could have, and I feel incredibly frustrated. I want the everyday with you, I want the family life and the memories and the mornings with you, I want the goodnight kisses and the middle of the night cuddles. I want the cups of tea in bed with our kids driving us round the bend. I want it all, and I want it with you. Now. Forever.

Don’t you want that too?

All my love xxxxx

Day 15

Dear deployed boyfriend,

I really ought to stop writing that because you’re not my boyfriend but its a habit now!

We spoke this morning, although really I think 02:30am really is the middle of the night. And to be honest I was really happy to hear from you, to speak to you, even if you had had 3 beers and were quite sleepy. Because it’s you, and I’ll take any opportunity to talk to the person I love most in the world.

I am though, quite fucked off with you. Rational? I dunno. But I am.

You initially text me earlier in the evening, at a more reasonable hour, but I was asleep so I didn’t see it. In the message, you proposed calling me at 23:30, and I can only assume you didn’t as I hadn’t responded? Why the fuck you then decided to call at 0230 instead is beyond me, as either way you’d be waking me up but 23:30 is much more reasonable.

So firstly, you fucking woke me up in the middle of the night, and then half an hour in you abruptly were just like ‘I really just want to go to bed’ like it’s my fault you were sleepy and a bit tipsy at 0300am, which I thought was incredibly rude and totally thoughtless – I also wanted to go to sleep, I had been asleep in fact, but you decided to call me at a time you wanted. So that hurt me, because it was quite selfish and not thinking of me or what I wanted.

And then you’ve gone, I presume to sea, without so much as a goodbye text. It takes what, seconds to type ‘Off to the boat. Will email when I can. Love you xx’ but apparently that’s just too much trouble.

Honestly I’m just pissed off at how selfish you have been. No thought or consideration to me, just you you you.

I love you, but also, fuck you.

Day 14

Dear deployed boyfriend,

I really miss you.

I had forgotten how exhausting it is missing someone, feeling like I’m carrying around this weight everyday. I really want to just put it down, it hurts to carry and it hurts knowing I’ve got weeks yet till I can.

When you last emailed, 5 days ago, you mentioned how busy and overworked you were, and so I hope you’ve now entered a slightly calmer phase where you can get some rest and not be working 18 hours a day! I haven’t heard from you since that email, and much as before there is always that hope that today will be the day, or this email alert will be an email from you. But alas. It’s not.

And it’s just rubbish. I cannot put it plainer, it’s the worst feeling. Having someone you love go away for weeks and weeks where you can’t talk, see each other, or even be in regular contact is really hard. It hurts, in a way I can’t really verbalize. I just want to know you’re okay, and I just want you to come home. I feel so frustrated at the time we’re spending apart, life it short and its happening here and now, and you’re missing it. All of it.

I just want you home, with me. That’s all.

I love you xxxxxxx

Day 4

Hello you,

I still can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that we’re going through this again. You not being here, and me counting down the days yet again. Much like last time, we don’t have a fixed end date which is hard, especially under the circumstances you were deployed.

Since you left I’ve felt at times like I can’t breathe, like all of the air in the room suddenly vanishes. It’s brief, and I think is my anxiety and sadness peaking – I am incredibly sad, and I am incredibly frustrated, because I feel robbed. And I wish I could cope better, I really do. I wish I was better at containing it, but it feels like the sadness has a life of its own and its seeping into everything else.

I just miss you so much! And I would never wish that away. Even if it meant I missed you less.

I’ve been thinking about therapy a lot lately, not the intense sort I had last year, but some kind of emotional support that can help me now; not that I know of anywhere to go.

I just… miss you. So much. Getting an email from you on Sunday was nice, the wait since then has been hard. I’d kind of forgotten that bit, the desire to check constantly. I think, THINK, I’m managing it better than I was.

I can’t wait for the next email. All my love,


Here we go again…

Dear fiance,

I like writing that down.

However I don’t like that I’ve come back to this space so soon. You weren’t meant to go away again until the summer, and yet here we are in February with a potential deployment this week.

This life is hard. It’s all out of my control and that is painful to accept. I want us to make decisions about the when and where of our future, but sadly that isn’t an option – and I think I will eventually be able to make peace with it, but today isn’t that day.

It isn’t fair – and I know I’m a woman in her 30’s and I should probably be less childish and more accepting of things. But fuck it – it isn’t fair, I chose to date you but I didn’t choose the military. But I did choose you, and you chose the military. So there is that.

I can’t even make sense of this.

I don’t want this to be our life. I am fed up already of missing you.

I feel it’s inevitable you’ll go though, and so I need to speedily get my head in the space where I can cope with this.

I didn’t think we’d be back here so soon,

I love you.




Dear you,

Well. You are no longer deployed! And you are no longer my boyfriend!

No big messy break up, the exact opposite in fact. You asked me to marry you, and I said yes. A thousand times yes! My heart could burst actually, just thinking about it.

You’re currently on leave which I love, leaving you at home while I go back to work has been rubbish, but the joy at seeing you each evening hasn’t lessened. I wonder if it ever will?

I do know that we don’t take the little moments for granted, being able to watch a film together, cooking dinner together, waking up in each others arms.

Thank you for coming home to me.

All my love, forever,